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Zen Studio Quilt Along - Week 5- Quilt Top Construction






Welcome Back!!  I hope you all were able to keep up last week and piece all of your Blocks C and D.  This week we will be sewing those blocks together and getting ready for the final product. This top goes together fast and easy, there are only block seams to worry about matching up.  And laying them out should be easy peasy too using the guide in the pattern and understanding the keystone piece.


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Laying Out Your Blocks




The first thing you'll want to do is make sure you have your blocks labeled correctly.  Use the quilt blocks in the pattern as a reference.  This does make a difference in how your quilt will turn out.

Next, take note to the keystone indicator on the different blocks (pg 4).  This will assist you how to turn or position your block.

Now, start laying out your blocks. Using page 5's layout guide, lay out one block at a time, one row at at time, to make sure they are lined up correctly. I make sure to have the block oriented correctly as I lay them out.  Once you've got them laid out, check them against the guide!  You'd be amazed how many times you turned a block the wrong way or laid down the wrong block. (I keep picturing Joey from Friends, in London, stepping into the map)


Sewing Your Blocks Together

Sewing your blocks together is pretty simple for  this quilt.  The blocks do not have any pieces that need to align with any others, you only lining up each block.

You will want to sew all the blocks in rows first. Make sure you remember or label your rows so they don't get mixed up.

One tip I have for you is that after you sew your blocks into rows, you can press your seams one of two ways.  You can press them all open or you can press to the side, alternating the direction for each row.

If you alternate pressing direction for each row (i.e. row 1 is all pressed to the left, row 2 is all pressed to the right) This will give you what's called "nested seams" and helps line up your blocks when you are sewing the rows together.  (I'll post more about this later today on Instagram and update this with some pics)

Ok, now that you've sewn your rows, it's time check to make sure they match the diagram.  It can be easy to accidentally rotate a block or mix them up when you sit down to sew.  Better to catch it now than when you top is all put together.

Now let's sew those rows together. Like I said earlier, you only need to worry about lining up the blocks when sewing the rows together. 

I like to line up two rows and start with the middle of the row to start pinning or clipping together.  If you start in the middle and work your way to the ends, and your blocks aren't all the same exact size, you'll have less "fudging" you'll need to do.  If you start at one end and work your way down, your last block or two may be way off and much more noticeable.

It's also nice to sew rows in groups of two, then sew the last groups together. This helps with the weight distribution while your sewing. Less pulling and fumbling through uneven layers of fabric.


 Alright, that's all we have for week 5.  For next week, Borders!!!    We're gettin' fancy with those striped outer borders and sharing tips on how to avoid the "Wonky Border". 



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