Zen Studio Quilt Along - Week 4- Block C and D







Welcome Back!!  I hope you all were able to keep up last week and piece all of your Block Bs.  I see a lot of you are way ahead and so I've decided to go ahead and combine Block C and D piecing for this week.  These blocks go together fast and everyone's so excited to finish, which makes me super excited too!!


A quick reminder, if you are posting pics to Instagram and tagging #zenstudioqal, we will not be able to see your pics if your account is private.  You may want to consider creating a public account for your quilty adventure so that you can participate in the contests and we can all drool over your amazing quilt pics. We also may not see pics posted in your stories, so please post in your feed.

Piecing Blocks C and D



 Blocks C and D are constructed in the same manor as Blocks A and B.  Remember that you are starting with a different color for each block set and you also need to keep the same sequence of colors.  

I haven't heard of any new issues from last week and so I'll list some quick reminder tips

  • Press your seams open as you go.  If you don't press as you go, or if you press  to the side, you won't get as flat a seam and the fabric can retain a bit of a rolled seam.
  • Don't make any drastic sewing technique changes while piecing  your blocks, that will lead to variances in block sizes.
  • Lay out your block pieces before your start and double check your color sequence.
  • If you make Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookies and store them in the freezer, they last longer and it's a fun cool treat in the summer (be sure to hide them in a brussel sprout bag so the kids don't find them ;)




 Alright, that's all we have for week 4.  For next week, Quilt Top Construction!!!    Try not to get too far ahead so that you can participate in the  contests and don't miss the pics you'll need. 



The elephant is significant in many cultures and brings forth a symbol of protection. I love symbols and hidden meanings and what better way to show you care than by providing a little protection with your craft.




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