Light Cycle Quilt

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This quilt took quite a while to come to fruition.  I had this idea in my head and even had a design on paper, but I was never happy with the technique to create these angled striped blocks.  I love this design so I decided to let it stew as long as it needed before it was ready to reveal its secrets to me (insert hysterical witch cackle) I'm not a patient person by nature, so it might have made me a little crazy... well, crazier.

I hate wasting fabric but have come to terms that there is some waste necessary when creating most designs.  I was still determined that there had a to be an efficient way to create these little buggers without throwing out as much as I was keeping.  I'm a big fan of half square triangles and the cover corner technique but, to be honest, not the best at executing the perfect square.  And no matter how I figured it, there was some less than appealing cutting to be done before and after you pieced the block.

Then, one day, by George I had it......  STRIPS!

This is actually a strip quilt with a little slicing and dicing involved.  Making the strips and then cutting the diamond shape is the key. It cuts back on waste, time AND cutting.  There's no wonky squares or tragically too small pieces.  They come out perfect!

So, here's the catch.  Ain't there always a catch?!  These blocks are now going to be pieced with fabric cut on the bias. This is a double edged sword.  The great news is, they stretch a little and are very forgiving.  The bad news is, they can stretch A LOT and throw the size off.

Seeewww, you need to just be aware of how you're pulling on these little guys when piecing them together.  It's not a big deal, you just need to be aware of it.  It's pretty easy sewing. 

The only other thing that could be a little tricky, is lining up color stripes where they meet.  Because they don't line up on every block, I found myself forgetting to double check every once and a while.  So, did I rip those out and start over?  Heck No!!  This design in itself is very forgiving, so a couple off seams ain't no big deal. And I'm a live and let live kinda gal.  Unless you eat my restaurant leftovers, for that, you must pay a terrible price!!!

All in all, this is a great weekend project for the baby size and a long weekend project for the throw size.  There's not a lot of different size pieces to cut and it goes together quite swell.  I also love how this can be masculine or feminine depending on the fabric used. I just looove me some versatility!

P.S.  If you hadn't already guessed it, this quilt was named for its Tron-like resemblance.

Purchase the Light Cycle Quilt Pattern Here


Fabric Used: Kona Cotton - Prussian, Dusty Blue, Niagara, and Sage.


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