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In the Beginning: A Quilter is Born Amongst a Storm

I found my love for Quilting after years of feeling that there was this creative part of me I couldn't quite pinpoint. I can't draw, or paint and it was always frustrating for me to have this need to create without knowing my mode for creation.

To add to this, I was a bit of a Tomboy and had never really ventured into any of the Home Economics classes in school.  I took Wood Shop and Art and that seemed to satisfy the little time I had to dedicate to my creative side. At the time, after all the extracurricular sports were done for the week, the rest of my time was spent hanging out with friends and sleeping.  I do remember trying cross-stitch and crocheting, but I had a really hard time keeping count as my mind wandered a lot and always ended with my being frustrated and pulling everything apart. 

Then, in my late thirty's, there was a hurricane.  Literally, a hurricane was on its way to hit Central Florida.  I don't know if you've ever had to prepare for a hurricane, but you have about 3-5 days to prepare. Once you've prepared and the curfew kicks in, there's a lot of waiting around in your home for the gradual onslaught of wind and rain.

During the waiting period, I found myself looking up how to use a sewing machine.  I can't quite remember why I started looking because I didn't even own a machine, but I eventually found myself watching You Tube videos about quilting.  I was mesmerized. 

Now, to back up for a second, My Mamaw (Great Grandmother) was a Quilter. She also did many other crafty things and was always keeping busy.  My mother has a couple of her quilts and they are used every day. They stay on the couch and the whole family uses them whenever we are over.  We looooove these quilts They not only make us comfy cozy, but they also remind us of my Mama and Papaw. 

One day, shortly after my daughter and nephew were born, my mother and I went through some of crafting materials my Mamaw had left behind after her passing. We found these unfinished quilt blocks amongst the supplies.  They were Little Dutch Boys and Girls or Sun Bonnet Sues. ( I found an interesting read on the history of these quilts called The Mysterious Case of Sun Bonnet Sue.) 

We realized that there was exactly enough boys and girls to make a quilt for both my daughter and nephew.  My mother was excited at the prospect of a quilt that was made by both my Mamaw and herself.  Mom was not a quilter but decided to take a class to learn how, and eventually made these beautiful quilts that are so very special to us.  I was in awe of these quilts and the meaning behind them and this may be my actual first interest in quilting.

(Mamaw and Mom made Little Dutch Boys and Girls Quilts)

Now, back to the rest of the original story.  So, I'm waiting for this hurricane, and watching quilting videos, and the infatuation sets in.  I don't have a sewing machine but I'm already planning my first quilt.  (By the way, I obsess, I research, and am always working five steps ahead.)

The next week, I'm at the fabric store, picking out Halloween fabric and consulting a quilty friend on buying fabric and how much to purchase.  While I'm there I also find a cheap fabric roll that I figured would be a better starting point because I didn't want to mess up my Halloween Quilt.


(Eva and her Puppy Quilt)

I borrowed my mom's sewing machine and watched some more videos on how to wind a bobbin, thread the machine, etc. Before you know it, I had made my first quilt. The quilt was a puppy print and was made for my new rescue puppy, Eva.  I was hooked!!! I jumped right into my Halloween quilt next and I've had non-stop quilting projects ever since.

(Witch's Den Quilt)

So, that is how I became a quilter.  I'm sure some of you have similar stories and others have completely different ones.  If you'd like to share, please feel free to post your story below. 

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