A Dream Is What You Make It

 Here we goooooooo.....We've opened up shop!

You know that feeling of having a great idea inside you.  This convoluted mess of an idea that swirls around and around never really forming a solid foundation. You know it will work, but there are these little thoughts that creep in, keeping you locked up and not able to move forward. All of this fear keeps creeping its way into your dream.

 Fear of not just falling short, but worse, failing horribly.  This fear keeps you from even trying to organize your great idea.  It keeps you from asking questions and getting advice.  It keeps you from connecting with people because they might dismiss or laugh at you.  Well, I’m done living in fear. 

This is the beginning. I'm excited and scared. I'm optimistic and doubtful. I know it will be fun and lots of hard work.  I’m ready to face all of this.  I've got my friends and family by my side. I’ve got a plan, and I’ve got hope.

Eva, Assistant Studio Manager

Meet Eva, Assistant Studio Manager and Security Officer

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