Mod Peaks Sew Along Information

 Mod Peaks Sew Along


Starts 6/17/19

Alrighty Everyone, the fun starts in a few weeks!!


Mod Peaks Sew Along

Dates:  June 17th, 2019 – July 28th, 2019
Duration:  6 weeks
Featured Quilt Size:  Throw - 63" x 76"
Instagram Tag:  #modpeakssal

If you haven't signed up yet, registration is below.


So, just as a reminder, here's the schedule for the upcoming weeks


If you haven't purchased the pattern yet, you're in luck!  When you sign up for the SAL, you'll get a special promo code only for the SAL registrants.  So, stop stalling and sign up below.


You will need a copy of the pattern for the SAL.   And, if you still need to get the pattern, you can get that  HERE.   


If you've already started looking ahead and are like "how am I going to organize this"  Don't worry, I got you.  I am going to give you pictures, diagrams, instructions, and a whole lot of fun.





 If you've already found that perfect bundle and you want to share with the group, use #modpeakssal and share away! However, if you haven't found that perfect bundle (and hopefully that hasn't kept you from joining the QAL), I've provided yardage requirements!  So find some unique colors or fabrics and start hoarding, I mean, carefully selecting only the perfect pieces for your collection.




More Information Coming Soon!






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