Mod Peaks SAL - Week 6

Final Countdown!!

This is the final week of the sew along!!  This week we are completing quilt top construction and conquering the squaring up of the edges.

Verify Twice...

So, I was doing just fine, lining up my rows, keeping a good speed, when I decided "hey, I know what I'm doing, I wrote this pattern."  I got too cocky and decided I didn't need to check the layout for rows 6 and 7.  I even had the little voice in my head speak up ever so encouragingly (this is also the same voice that's usually shouting out movie quotes and laughing hysterically) She told me that I should be double checking, and I ignored her.  Ugh, rookie.

That being said, I'll remind you to keep the rows labeled and lay them out before you pin/clip them together to sew.

Sew up your rows and keep them labeled.

Lay out your rows again and check to make sure they line up correctly.

Don't be like me.  Make sure you double check the row layout before you sew them together.  I had Row 6 and 7 Misaligned.

Be a square...or a rectangle

Time to start squaring up this baby!! 

Are you nervous?  Don't be, you've only spent how many hours on this beautiful quilt top, only to start lopping off pieces.  Who would design such a thing anyway?  

I'll be honest, I don't like this part, and I find it wasteful, but it's needed to make the best version of this quilty art.

I consulted Eva about this many times, and she was never convinced.   She still looks very concerned every time we start this part of the process.

I'll give you some tips to help you along the way to help you have the confidence of a quilt top squaring master

(that's a thing, right?)

But, before you ever start cutting, make sure your quilt top is pressed well.

Lay out your top on a large flat surface with the cutting mat underneath. (make sure there is no bunched up underneath)

I like to give myself plenty of room for the quilting process, so I line up my ruler a 1/4 inch away from where the fabric of two squares meet.

I use the ruler to eyeball the next couple of block corners to make sure I'm not making any drastic angle changes. (kinda like squaring up your final quilt top) And, if it's not perfect, it's okay!  It's gonna move around a little during the quitling process anyway.

Alright, now, take a deep breath, and maybe a sip of wine, and  start cutting.  It's not as bad as it seems.  After you've finished a side, spin it and keep on going.

So don't worry, you can do it. Plus, after this, you can take an amazing pic and post it for the world to see!!! (was that subtle enough? BAHAHAHAHA) 


I can't wait to see all your pics, you guys have been doing amazing, and quick, work. 


And yes, I'm aware that you've seen this pic before and it's not the one I'm currently working on, but the weather has not been kind and I couldn't snap a good pic.   I'll be sure to update when I do get a pic.



Well that's it for this week.  I hope I get to see the completed quilted up version as well.  Don't forget that Lil' Bean Quilting is offering up a great deal if you don't want to tackle the quilting on this project.  She's ready to take your order!!

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Me, Me, Me

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I'm offering up a free SHQS pattern of your choosing and a Jelly Roll of Eclipse Fabric.  Be sure to post your progress for a chance to win.

Show me your blocks or any work you've done this week.  Tag me in the photo @schneiderhousequiltstudio and #modpeakssal.  Your account must be public or I won't be able to see your pic, even if you tag me.

Happy Quilting!!

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